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    I am from a region where two nations meet on a historical river, the Rio Grande. My family lived on the Mexican side of the border before migrating during my childhood to the United States. I grew up in both, and remember what a blessing it was to be on American land when Cuidad Juarez became one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Both countries have shaped my perspective and understanding towards the globe, and I am beyond grateful to be assimilated to both cultures and ways of life. 


    My mother not speaking English and being on her own, raising my brother and I in a new country left no room for much family time. So we where enrolled into extracurricular activities to keep us busy, and help us assimilate to American life. Some of the precious time we did spend together was participating in an oil painting class, where I discovered my passion for drawing and art in general. On my own I did ballet from the time I was four until I turned thirteen, and at fifteen I joined my high school dance team. I also experimented with playing the cello, singing and guitar lessons but never developed a commitment to music early on as I did to dancing. All of my childhood I was constantly practicing and learning new skills in the realm of creativity. Creating has become the foundation of how I live out my purpose and get the most satisfaction out of life. 



    In 2019 I decided to go out and buy my first oil paints and canvases in over 9 years! I began painting intuitively which made me fall in love with the tedious process and the layered approach of oil techniques. So much so that when friends would ask to buy my paintings, I would find it unfathomable to part with the tangible inner workings of my mind. It did however lead me to see the incredible potential art has, so I decided to include digital collages and paintings into my portfolio. This way I could share my visions in a much more timely, cost effective and accessible manner, resulting in the creation of Crystaligi. Every piece has a story and significance to my personal life, and has helped me get to where I am today. I have so much fun creating these designs and hope that when people wear and use them, that they too find some greater meaning and joy in them.


Digital Design

    After visiting India in 2019, I could no longer bring myself to wear black and focused on dressing exclusively in vibrant colors. That is when I began to notice how muted the tones where in western attire, and what has inspired the patterns and hues of my clothing articles. Instead of wearing colors that are so dark they can only absorb light, I want my attire to reflect it and offer liveliness to the world. Using real images of earthly elements to showcase their beauty and to create appreciation and awareness of them in our daily life. It is equally important to me that I do not create any unnecessary waste in the manufacturing of my pieces, that is why every order is made exclusively for the future owner. That way only the pieces that are sold are produced, and there is no mass-production waste that is destined for landfills. 

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